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2019 Comp: Wells Fargo Advisors Clips Payout to Low Producers
Dec 2018

....The penalties for low producers are generally in-line, if not slightly less punitive, than “penalty box” policies at competitors such as Morgan Stanley Wealth Management and UBS Wealth Management USA, said Andy Tasnady, a retail brokerage compensation consultant who helped design Wells Fargo Advisor’s two-tier monthly plan more than a decade ago. ....

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What 2019 Wirehouse Comp Changes Mean for Advisors
Nov 2018

....The wirehouse tug of war over control of hiring and retaining financial advisors will see no let-up next year, Andy Tasnady, consultant to firms on FA compensation plans, tells ThinkAdvisor in an interview. ....

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Merrill Lynch Cuts Advisor Compensation to Control Costs
Nov 2018

....One registered investment advisor called the changes “insane” on Twitter and others lambasted Merrill Lynch for the changes but the move wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, said Andy Tasnady, the managing partner of Tasnady & Associates, a consulting firm that works with large .... ...


  Morgan Stanley's New Advisor Retirement Plan: A Breakdown
Oct 2018

....But while the wirehouse is touting its new offer, industry experts point out that the program is only poised to help about 800, or 5%, of its advisors. “Very few qualify for [the new program],” Tasnady said. “A $10 million revenue level is very theoretical. It’s a level that only a few can hit,” he added, noting that this is pretty much the case for the $5 million and up level, too. ...

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  UBS advisor pay remains unchanged for 2019
Sep 2018

....Andy Tasnady, a compensation consultant, says advisors can be suspicious when they hear that there are comp changes because they think it’ll be negative for them. “It’s usually good news when a firm can say there are no changes in the comp plan,” he says. ....

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Uncovering insights into what is driving your sales & marketing results. We then create valuable performance and compensation design strategies to better achieve your goals.

Tasnady & Associates sharpens firm's



How Do You Design Competive
Sales Compensation

• Uncover key sales insights
• Specify targeted sales behaviors and performance levels
• Balance pay mix elements
• Design compelling compensation vehicles
• Maximize clarity and appeal of sales plan and communications

How Do You Conduct Effective
Market Research
• Uncover key market insights
• Design research and tracking
• Conduct qualitative and quantitative research
• Conduct competitive analyses
• Advise on marketing strategies

Tasnady & Associates, among its industry knowledge is particularly experienced in Financial Services, and notably the specialized field of brokerage compensation.

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